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PCC Online - the accepted alternative

A Professional Consultants Certificate (PCC) is widely used as an alternative to a Structural Warranty and is recognised and accepted by 85% of high street lenders, as per the requirements of the UK Finance Lenders Handbook.

This can enable a buyer to obtain a mortgage and ensure the sale of a property, without having to arrange a structural warranty, as well as provide A-Rated insurance cover on the property.

Speedy Service

Sometimes, you need cover in a hurry.  We can provide your PCC in as little as a week.

6 Years Cover

Provides 6 years cover on buildings under 10 years old

Why choose a Professional Consultants Certificate?

If your property is under 10 years old and does not have any form of insurance cover, you will not be able to apply for a loan against it. Similarly, if you want to sell your property, any prospective buyers will be unable to secure a mortgage against the property.

The great thing with PCC Online is that we provide fast quotes and quick cover for every project you are involved with.

A PCC is not an insurance policy, although it does cover the homeowner for up to £2m of cover through the Professional Indemnity insurance of the consultant who carries out the inspection of your property and signs it off as being built to a satisfactory standard.  A PCC is a way to assure a lender that the property you want to raise money against has been built to a satisfactory standard.
Although, a structural warranty is usually arranged on new build properties, there are circumstances where the property may not have benefitted from a warranty, such as if the development is very small or a self-build project.  In these cases, there is still a way to raise finance against the property by arranging a PCC.
By arranging a PCC instead of a Structural Warranty, you can avoid the expense of a warranty provider’s surveyors and consultants costs and greatly reduce the time it takes to get cover in place.  From the time we receive your payment to getting cover in place can be as little as a week, as long as we receive all of your necessary documents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Professional Consultants Certificate – also known as a PCC – is a document issued by a chartered architect or a surveyor on a new build or newly converted property. This certificate can be used to raise finance for a buy-to-let and remortgage on a dwelling or a converted house.

We can quote you directly and can arrange for an inspection as soon as payment has been received. From quote to cover can be as little as a week.

We can provide you with a Conditional Policy Letter (upon receipt of payment) that you can show to your lender to prove that you are officially in the process of arranging a PCC. This will satisfy their requirements and allow them to arrange your finance.

A Professional Consultants Certificate from PCC online includes up to £2m of cover.

Yes, our indemnity insurance is provided by an A-Rated insurer.

Retrospective means that your property has already been completed and you are looking for cover that was not previously arranged when the build was in process.

Yes, a PCC is widely accepted by over 85% of mortgage lenders.

Up to £2M limit of indemnity covered

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