Instant PCC

Can I get a Professional Consultants Certificate Online?


A Professional Consultant Certificate (PCC) can be a valid alternative to a Home Warranty or Structural Insurance Policy and in some instances may be more appropriate, depending on the situation with the property or the buyer.

Many UK lenders will accept a PCC in place of an insurance policy, but with some caveats: 

  • The Consultant signing off the Certificate (usually an Architect or someone who is RICS registered) will need to confirm that they have reviewed the plans for the property, and monitored the building work throughout the construction process;
  • The Consultant has relevant Professional Indemnity Insurance and confirms that they will remain liable for 6 years (this is the typical term of a PCC as opposed to the 10 years of a Structural Insurance Policy); and
  • That the Consultant has and can evidence sufficient experience or qualification to monitor the type of building being constructed.
  • While that all sounds like a lot, it is quite normal practice in the market, and firms that specialise in PCCs are well-versed in managing the process and adhering to lender requirements.

Once you have decided that a PCC is right for you, where do you get one?

Some several firms or professionals can provide a PCC for a property, some may be more willing than others to do it, and reluctance may simply come from the Consultant not wishing to remain liable for the 6-years under their PI insurance.

The architect who designed the building can provide a PCC, again they would need to take on the burden of monitoring the job through the build and then remaining liable for any claim, so most would prefer not to do so. You could also approach independent professionals, such as Quantity Surveyors, or other RICS professionals who may agree to take the project on, and conduct inspection during the building program.

Typically, you will approach a firm that specialised in providing PCCs, and there is a number in the UK. 

These firms will have qualified inspectors who can carry out the monitoring, they will also have adequate PI Insurance to manage any claims that arise during the 6 years, and will also have Certificate wordings that are UK Finance compliant. Some of the processes for obtaining a quote are more lengthy than others, and may in some circumstances involve a lot of ‘back and forth with plans, and reports.

So… can you buy a PCC online? The answer is yes! 

PCC-Online is a new venture supported by Structural Insurance experts Compariqo. The online portal allows customers to quickly obtain a quote for a PCC and allows the customer to review all terms, pay for their quote, and receive confirmation adequate for their lenders in a few short easy steps.

A strong focus has been given to ensuring that the process is fast and efficient, customers can obtain a quote and price within minutes, and that the price is firm and can be bought online. While customer service is always available, the customer has the option to quickly quote and buy a PCC without the need for unnecessary information and document exchanges, or the need to go through a physical salesperson.

PCC-Online is a simple, fast, cost-effective solution to your PCC requirements. 

Try our portal out for your next job and see how we can save you time and money, and if you decide your need the more comprehensive coverage of a 10-year Structural Insurance Policy, the team at Compariqo is always on hand to assist you.